How does it work?

Payment of your berth

If you have a berth in one of Oxelösund's municipality's harbours, it is linked to you via your e-mail or your social security number.

By logging in with your Mobile BankID in the top right corner and confirming your e-mail address, which you are asked to fill in, your berth will automatically appear under "My account", where you can choose to pay or cancel your berth.

Payment takes place according to payment terms. In connection with payment, the lessee accepts the applicable contract terms and becomes bound by them. If payment has not been received by the due date at the latest, the agreement is automatically terminated.

Link to information about our marinas

Bildöversikt till hantering av båtplats

Rent of new boat berth

For those who wish to rent a new berth, click on "Book a berth" above in the menu and follow the instructions. When you have paid for a boat berth, you also have priority for this coming season, information is sent by e-mail and SMS when it is time to pay for a new season.

We only rent berths for the whole year, for shorter stays we refer to the Guest Harbour, Link to: Visit Oxelösund

Change of berth

For those who wish to change an existing berth during the season:

Book and pay for the place you want to change to.

Terminate the agreement for the old berth. If the agreement is terminated by June 30 at the latest, half of the annual fee will be refunded.

Fault report boat mooring

The goal is that our boat harbors in Oxelösund should be experienced as whole, clean and safe. As a boat owner, resident and , you are therefore invited to leave comments or report errors to us. Via the municipality's fault reporting form, you report a fault if something is broken and needs to be repaired at one of the municipality's marinas.

If you have reports on our marinas, please submit these via the municipality's form for fault report.

For other questions, contact us via e-mail or call Kommuncenter on 0155-38000